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DTC Winter 2015/16 Newsletter

The Winter 2015/16 newsletter can be downloaded here: Winter 2015-16 Newsletter

Items include:

  • Storm Desmond causes devastating floods in River Eden catchment
  • Is there evidence of ‘biogeochemical stationarity’ in the River Wensum catchment?
  • DTC Data and the Data Archive
  • The Use of remote sensing techniques in understanding diffuse pollution
  • Real time camera work
  • Monitoring cattle with cameras
  • Monitoring changes in diffuse pollution source risk with time-lapse photography
  • Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for diffuse pollution
  • Understanding Farmer-Led monitoring in the Wensum DTC
  • Defra Workshop 30th November: “Experiences of engaging with farmers”
  • New Upstream Thinking programme to protect rivers
  • DTC Phase 1 Report available shortly – some Conclusions
  • Soil moisture monitoring in the Wensum DTC
  • Last Post

DTC Autumn 2015 Newsletter

The DTC Autumn 2015 Newsletter can be downloaded here: DTC Autumn 2015 Newsletter

Items in this edition:

  • DTC mitigation methods and farm economics update
  • Estimating the monetary cost of nutrient and sediment loss at the farm-scale in the River Eden catchment
  • Can a modelling toolkit help salmonid population management in the Tamar catchment?
  • New ‘Saving Eden’ website goes live
  • New project – Impacts of different vegetation in riparian buffer strips on hydrology and water quality
  • The ‘Twin-Track’ approach to characterisation and understanding the contribution of groundwater to surface water catchments
  • DTC on the road in Europe
  • Book Review – ‘Catchment and River Basin Planning: Integrating Science and Governance’
  • DTC Findings influence revised greening rules for 2016
  • And it’s goodnight from him, and goodnight from her and… him – some changes in personnel.

Paper on the sensitivity of diatom communities to stream discharge and nutrient condition

Members within the EdenDTC consortia have published a paper entitled “High frequency variability of environmental drivers determining benthic community dynamics in headwater streams” which is now available as an Advance Article in Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts. Article citation is Environ. Sci.: Processes Impacts, 2014, DOI: 10.1039/C3EM00680H and is available at the following link This paper discusses the sensitivity of diatom communities to stream discharge and nutrient condition in dynamic environments characteristic of headwaters and the critical duration of discharge and nutrient resource supply leading to change in benthic communities.