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Overview paper on DTC

An overview paper on DTC has been submitted to a special edition of Environmental Science: Process and Impacts. You can see the submitted paper here but note it is subject to review.

Developing Demonstration Test Catchments as a platform for transdisciplinary land management research in England and Wales – McGonigle DF, Burke SP, Collins AL, Gartner R, Haft MR, Harris RC, Haygarth PM, Hedges MC, Hiscock KM, Lovett AA

First DTC Knowledge Exchange Policy & Practice Note

Practical experience and scientific research come together in the Demonstration Test Catchment project’s first policy and practice note Creating and applying robust information resources for catchment management.  Aimed at policy makers and stakeholders concerned with catchment management, it examines how different kinds of knowledge can contribute to addressing the problems of diffuse pollution. It also suggests ways in which the DTC teams can feed their research results into the everyday practices of Catchment Sensitive Farming officers.


NFU Water Survey 2011 Overall Results

Water matters to the agriculture sector because it is fundamental for food production. This document provides timely and useful evidence about how vital access to water is for agriculture. Farmers and growers need it for their animals and they need it for their crops. Some agricultural sectors need more water than others, but the NFU’s 2011 survey shows just how important water is to all farm businesses and, given the increasing competition for available water resources, how continued access to abstract water remains vital.

Follow this link to access the National Farmer’s Union full report.

Defra Water White Paper: Water for Life

The Defra Water White Paper was published last week. ‘Water for Life’ describes a vision for future water management in which the water sector is resilient, in which water companies are more efficient and customer focused, and in which water is valued as the precious and finite resource it is. It also explains that we all have a part to play in the realisation of this vision.

See Defra press notice Spelman: Water reform needed to tackle threat of future droughts here

New CCN Publication ‘Paradigm Shifts’


Keith Beven and Phil Haygarth have written a feature article ‘Paradigm Shifts’ outlining  the NERC Catchment Change Network activites for the latest Issue of International Innovation (October 2011).


International Innovation is the leading global dissemination resource for the wider scientific, technology and research communities, dedicated to disseminating the latest science, research and technological innovations on a global level. More information and a complimentary subscription offer to the publication can be found at: