The Pontbren Farmer’s Group – Growing Cooperation

The Pontbren Farmers are a group  of 10 neighbouring small farmers and their families located in the heart of the  Welsh countryside. The group is committed to farming at the highest possible  standards of environmental management and animal welfare.

They came together as a group of three in 1997, with the remainder joining in 2001. The  land they farm covers around 1000 hectares in the catchment of Pontbren Stream  near Llanfair Caereinion in the rolling countryside of the old county of Montgomeryshire (now Powys).

From the start the group  wished to return to farming in a more traditional way, based on extensively  reared native breeds of sheep. Their changes are also restoring the landscape  to the way it used to be, as the farmers plant woodland, shelter belts and  hedgerows. Water management is being made more sustainable by restoring and  re-establishing the traditional farm ponds and wetlands.

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