New water quality science paves the way for improving river health in the UK

A new river monitoring system to assist local communities to improve water  quality of the River Eden and its tributaries is now online.

Researchers  from Lancaster University, Newcastle University, Durham University, the Centre for Hydrology and Ecology, Askham Bryan College (Newton Rigg) and the Eden Rivers Trust have installed 10 river monitoring stations to collect valuable  data on river water quality that is available to farmers, local communities and  anyone interested.

The research is part of the Defra-funded Eden Demonstration Test Catchment (EdenDTC), one of three national projects to  understand how land management affects the water environment and to test  measures for reducing agricultural pollution.

The live, real-time data, made available via the web, can be used by councils, rivers trusts and the  public to help in understanding how to improve river water quality where they  live. EdenDTC is one of the first projects of its kind to provide live data on  river water quality to the public, setting a national standard for managing diffuse pollution in rivers throughout the UK.

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