First DTC Knowledge Exchange Policy & Practice Note

Practical experience and scientific research come together in the Demonstration Test Catchment project’s first policy and practice note Creating and applying robust information resources for catchment management.  Aimed at policy makers and stakeholders concerned with catchment management, it examines how different kinds of knowledge can contribute to addressing the problems of diffuse pollution. It also suggests ways in which the DTC teams can feed their research results into the everyday practices of Catchment Sensitive Farming officers.


4 thoughts on “First DTC Knowledge Exchange Policy & Practice Note

  1. Mike Townsend

    We have a project funded by the Royal Bank of Canada aimed at communicating and promoting measures for improving water quality and mitigating flooding. We have a number of pilot projects and are writing up case studies and practical guidance. I would be interested to talk to someone about how we might cooperate.

    1. Liz Oughton

      Mike, I am co-PI on the knowledge exchange component of the DTCs and would be very interested to talk to you. My contact details are shown above so please do get in touch.
      Kind regards
      Liz Oughton

  2. Nigel Simpson


    CSF are developing new products – including offering investment advice to supplement our farming grant offers, we have existing case studies and have delivered since 2007 advice to over 10000 farmers in England & Wales, so depending on what you are looking to do we would also be interested in sharing info.
    best wishes
    Nigel – River Basin Co-rodinator in the East of England


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