Take part in survey to identify global water research questions

In 2009, water@leeds organised a workshop to identify the priority water research questions for the UK – this led to the publication of a paper in the journal Science of the Total Environment*. Taking this idea to a global level, water@leeds has launched a survey to try and identify the global water research questions – and YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! This is an ambitious project and we require as many responses from around the world as possible. Please contribute to the survey and pass the details onto your contacts.

If you have further questions please contact Rebecca Slack


*Brown, L.E., Mitchell, G., Holden, J., Wright, N., Beharry-Borg, N., Berry, G., Brierley, B., Chapman, P., Clarke, S., Cotton, L., Davies, R.J., Dobson, M., Dollar, E., Elfleet, M., Fletcher, M., Folkard, A., Foster, J., Griffiths, M., Hanlon, A., Hildon, S., Hiley, P., Hillis, P., Hoseason, J., Johnston, K., Kay, P., McDonald, A., Parrot, A., Philips, M., Powell, A., Ponton, G., Slack, R.J., Sleigh, A., Spray, C., Tapley, K., Underhill, R. & Woulds, C. (2010) Priority water research questions as determined by UK practitioners and policy-makers. Science of the Total Environment  409: 261-271

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