Who will benefit from DTC outputs ?

Policy makers

  • The research will provide an improved evidence-base for DEFRA and the Welsh Government to deliver policies that contribute to meeting Water Framework Directive objectives.
  • The Environment Agency will be able to design and test the new approaches on a large spatial scale and will help facilitate their future development and will be used to monitor progress against Water Framework Directive targets nationally.
  • River basin/ catchment scale models and decision support tools will be developed to inform future delivery approaches by the Environment Agency and Natural England.

Water industry

  • The programme is already developing close relationships with UK Water Industry Research (a body which facilitates collaborative research for UK water operators) and regional water companies are starting to take an interest, such as Anglian Water, who are interested in pesticide reduction in the Wensum.
  • The evidence provided by the project will help inform the water industry and OFWAT on the likely effectiveness of catchment scale schemes to protect drinking water sources.

Farming industry

  • Farmers will be made aware of methods to mitigate diffuse water pollution whilst maintaining productivity.
  • The testing of measures will include a socio-economic analysis of the cost effectiveness of measures and likely impact on farm business.
  • The data generated by the project will be accessible to farmers and will help the sector improve their net environmental performance.

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